* A simple, effective daily skin care range

* A 'deeper than skin-deep‘ cosmeceutical product range in combination with state of the art micro needling technology and safe superficial chemical peels 

* Normalise the skin functions by balancing the layers in the skin

* Stimulates the skin to produce naturally its own collagen

    * Acting preventative and curing as a revolutionary anti-ageing product range

    * All products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

   * Immediate visible results with long term staying results

   * Proudly South African skin care range formulated in conjunction with scientists, specially for our


    * Using only the best quality, purest ingredients

    * Suitable for all skin types and all ages


The exceptional concept of Luvité was designed with real time results and up to date technology in mind which will meet the challenges of a very competitive

industry, the expectations and requirements of every well informed and educated client. 


Formulated as a Cosmeceutical product, all the ingredients were included for scientific reasons. Rather than cosmetics that are only effective superficially for as long as the product is used, Luvité products penetrate deep into the dermis. Results are visible immediately and become even more noticeable as the revitalised skin surfaces. We regularly source new products, technology and trends to expand our product range offered to customers – making sure you get the very

best skin care products and results on the market known to date at an affordable price.


PersonaliSed skin health is our focus; customiSed skincare that fits your skin identity right now is our


Combine the two and you get a personalized Beauty

Prescription! Let us help you find your custom-fit skincare

routine. Luvité Cosmeceutical 'SKIN BY DESIGN', 100%

personaliSed face treatments that proactively solve skin

woes at the root.

With everyone talking about our treatments, we must be

doing something right. In just a few minutes, we will

analySe your skin concern, and diagnose your recommended serum cocktail, customised for your own skin.