Luvité Cosmeceuticals is a South African owned company that manufactures and distributes a top quality Cosmeceutical skin care product range and offers expert skincare advice to our customers all over South Africa and around the world.


The company and skin care range was re-launched in 2011 by owner Elnari van den berg. We sell to salons, doctors, aesthetic clinics, spa retail customers and recently introduced an agent system, for you to put extra money in your pocket. Luvité is providing an affordable skin care product with outstanding and lasting results.


The exceptional concept of Luvité was designed with real time results and up to date technology in mind, which will meet the challenges of a very competitive industry, the expectations and requirements of every well informed and educated client.


Formulated as a Cosmeceutical product, all the ingredients were included for scientific reasons. Rather than cosmetics that are only effective superficially for as long as the product is used, Luvité products penetrate deep into the dermis to change the ‘blue print’ of the skin. Results are visible immediately and become even more noticeable as the revitalized skin surfaces.