Whether it is fulfilling your dream being a therapist or Permanent Make-up Artist, at Luvité Academy we are passionate about giving opportunities to people that always wanted a career in the beauty industry, but never got it, or simply want to make a career change. We believe in second chances and creating your own future. The beauty industry is an ever growing industry where therapists with the right approach towards business will not only succeed, but prosper and create a great future for themselves.

So, if you are not earning a decent living in the Industry, you need to stop and ask yourself "Why Not?"

We equip you with, in short, very intensive courses with all you need to open your own Luvité salon. We have proven time and time again with the right business skills and a little bit of hard work and determination,  you can build a successful business in a short time.

That's why we are committed to providing dedicated business support and marketing training for our students.

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